Bing and Facebook the First Wave of Social Search

Posted on 08. Jan, 2012 by in Uncategorized

Almost a year ago, Bing and Facebook announced a partnership whereby Bing users could log in to Facebook while on Bing. The idea being that this would make each user’s search more personalized and relevant. During this time, Bing increased search engine marketshare by .5%. Great summary of this can be found search engine watch. While this is great to see and I applaud their efforts, it was interesting to see that Google gained share as well. The loser in the game being Yahoo.

I have recently logged in to Bing using the Facebook login capability and its interesting to see social driven results ranking with my friends names attached. They were the top two results. This makes reading “average page rank” data a bit of a mess. Will there be anything but personalized results down the road?

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